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We are quality-oriented and experienced, so we can work fast. We are punctual and keep deadlines. We are reliable. We are professional and savvy in any size of business environment from small to enterprise.

My name is Frank Schrader, I founded DENALImultimedia LLC  in 2008 in Colorado, USA. I am German-American. I have a strong German accent. You have been warned 🙂
However, I grew up in Germany and have my roots in those quality and reliability-based business ethics, may be some call it German quality and business standards.

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Office: 720-five-eight-eight-nine-one-six-five.

I am busy and often on location – leave a voice mail or talk to my assistant.

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Email: team (followed by the @-symbol) DENALImultimedia.com

I am responding fast or at least confirm that I received your message. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, something must have gone wrong. Please re-send your email.

last but not least – the ‘about’ paragraph

Over the years I worked with many subject-matter experts, a network of designers, multimedia specialists, IT- and web geeks, consultants. If a project requires a certain expertise I’ll find the appropriate expert and add him/her to the team.

Long ago, in 1996 when the Internet became commercial, I founded a successful creative agency in Munich, Germany – we still have long term clients from that time. We were pioneers in the Web Design and Internet field at that time.

I also worked years as a Senior Software Engineer and Senior Consultant for software architecture in the corporate world for companies like DHL USA, Compaq Computer, Hypo Bank, Audi, Allianz, CSC/Ploenzke AG — I also trained teams.

I founded -as mentioned- eventually my first creative agency in Munich and focused since then on visualization,  design+photography+video.

Nowadays, DENALImultimedia resembles all I was looking for. A fun place and way to work.

Aristotle said “We’re what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.”
For more than 15 years I am a photographer, videographer, designer, and visual design consultant.

Trust our professionalism
— Best, Frank.