services, approach, portfolio, costs

services, approach, portfolio, and the costs


What we do:

  • visual design consulting
  • IT consulting, web strategy consulting, digital assets consulting
  • photography, retouching, photo restoration (Adobe Photoshop work in general)
  • aerial photography
  • videography, editing
  • turn-key websites, blogs
  • graphic design
  • wall art / canvas art
  • online-publishing
  • training on-demand: e.g. Photoshop, organizing digital assets, etc.

best practices + KISS

Following the KISS principle for 20 years and it works great.

The acronym KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid and states the theory that ‘most things work best if kept simple, straightforward rather than complex’.
It is said that Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at Lockheed (Skunk Works group) coined that phrase — he created the Lockheed U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird aircrafts.

What’s good for him and others (like architect Mies van der Rohe) who adopted the principle should be good enough for us. Right?

Our design-style is modern, contemporary, and ‘less is more’. We monitor all sorts of trends in the world. We use the latest tools, and have experience for decades.

Photography + video are wonderful forms of art and expression. We take photos and create videos. Often in a photojournalistic and story-telling style. With Photoshop as a great companion when it comes to image editing: reality can be improved or emphasized. More about photography+video

We have profound experience and we do all the things [we do] for a reason – it’s called BEST PRACTICES in the industry.

art, love, and politics

art, love, politics – they have something in common. It’s complicated, hard to define and sometimes to understand. To like something, you must be on the same page — then it works great for you.

We need to be on the same page with our clients and vice versa – that’s a great recipe for a beautiful outcome.

Design and other forms of art like photography are a highly subjective matter — take a look at some examples of design in our portfolio below to find out if ‘we are on the same page’… and for photography please go here: photography+video for more information.

clients’ voices

“We contacted Frank to photograph our for-sale-by-owner condo after finding his name online. From the first conversation, he was professional, courteous and responsive. His expertise and care are evident in the great results. We’ve viewed many homes for sale and the pictures that Frank took are as excellent as any we’ve seen. He also took the time to help us with some technical questions after sending us our package. Frank is a wonderful person with great integrity and skill. We recommend his work whole-heartedly.” — Robin & Tom, Lyons, Colorado
“I have been working together with Frank since 1998. With his experience he offers fantastic suggestions – which are always improvements on my ideas. He is not “pushy” – allowing the client to portray themselves as they wish, however his suggestions are really good and they have been advantageous for my business. He has met every deadline I have given him and he does so within my budget. I especially appreciate his honesty. I highly recommend Frank.” — Susan, Sarasota, Florida
“Since 1998 Frank Schrader has provided our company with ongoing, excellent support and has also designed our website. Since 2008 Frank Schrader is doing business as ‘DENALImultimedia LLC’ which is his new business entity. We confidently recommend Frank Schrader / DENALImultimedia LLC as a solid and reliable vendor, and experts in their field. — Christiane T, Key Account Management / Marketing, Weiss, Germany
“When Frank Schrader first came forward as the person heading the migration of DHL USA’s Intranet content to the Worldwide Deutsche Post Corporate Intranet, he was a little skeptical. Nevertheless, it was his role – and he embraced it. Last week Frank organized and supported a training workshop for over 40 members of the eCommerce team. It was supposed to be a workshop tailored to Frank’s constituency, but Frank willingly folded others in when the occassion demanded, including the coordinator for all of Express Canada.
Frank administered that support with enthusiasm and grace – from arranging the training, to advocating use of the tool, to ultimately setting Portal standards and administering portions of the Workshop. Thanks to Frank, the team is now in place – and DPWN can rest assured that there is a contact person that cares about the product and is enthusiastically supporting its administration and growth.” — a press release, DHL USA

some design work examples from our portfolio


Website Screenshot
Sector: Retail, Fabrics

Website Screenshot
Sector: Lighting, Design, Retail

Website Screenshot
Sector: Delicatesse, Retail


Website Screenshot
Sector: Corporate Housing, Interior Design, Marketing






Business field: Retail


Business field: Retail


Business field: Travel


Business field: Retail / online eShop

Tri-folded brochure


Tri-folded brochure

Dentist’s brochure (inside)

Other brochures


reasonable rates

Our pricing is fair, transparent, and we believe we can find a solution for all budget sizes. Let’s say ‘almost’ all budgets — we have to decline if it falls in the proximity of being called petty cash, student allowance, or starvation wage.

So, as mentioned, our pricing is fair, and you get professional quality work results, reliability, and … you deal with nice and friendly people.

here are the numbers

Photography, Video, photoshop’ing & Co.
We take photos and create videos. The art of illusion — if you have existing photos that ‘just don’t cut it’, we photoshop them until they are what you want them to be.
Please visit FS photography+video in Longmont / Boulder, Colorado for more information and pricing.

Design, Branding, CI + Corporate Design tasks are (for small businesses) mostly in the 250.oo to 2,000.oo+ USD range PER-TASK, depending on what you want. Tasks includes things like
– logo design, style guides, CI/CD design in general,
– business cards
– folder design
– brochures
– post cards, poster, etc.
– retouching, resizing, cropping, etc.
It’s not possible to put a price tag on such things until we know what our client’s goal, requirements, and target market is. E.g. a luxury home builder’s sales brochure which offers million-dollar condos will require more effort ranging from paper selection to photos than a dentist’s tri-folded brochure. We create both with equal diligence, but again, the analogy is the Porsche and the Economy car. Another example from the design arena: it will depend how many design cycles (draft, discussion, changes, new draft) you need or how many alternative versions, drafts, mockups in general you request. One more example: for a logo or CI/CD stuff there’s the option of getting a full style-guide documentation or just the raw result.

Consulting Services & Hands-on Help / Websites
We have built websites since the beginning of the commercial Internet in ca. 1996. From the first static HTML pages to highly dynamic, database-driven sites in the recent past. From small business to enterprise-level environment.
We offer CONSULTING SERVICES and HANDS-ON HELP for companies who wish to get assistance with decisions, web strategies, planning, implementation, creation, or problems. And we built turn-key Websites for Small Business entities.

We work on HOURLY BASIS and help you out right where you need it. And when you need it — hopefully before you start your project but we also will be happy to try help you when you have already lost control over your ship and it is sinking.

Hourly rates:
-consulting: USD $120.oo. Minimum of 2 hrs. required.
-hands-on help: USD $105.oo / 120.oo/hr depending on task.
-training (1:1): USD $95.oo/hr (beginner level lessions) / $120.oo/hr (advanced). Minimum of 2 hrs. required.

More about what services we offer, can be found here: Consulting and Design

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