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Hexadecimal system explained 0

Hexadecimal system explained

[Hexadecimal – a relict from the past for ‘modern’ programmers?] By far not. Even if programming languages like VB encapsulate more and more of the underlying structure so that a programmer can quickly build...

Base-64 QueryString Error 0

Base-64 QueryString Error

    [Web Developers: ASP.NET Base64 Decryption / QueryString Problem]   The described issue comes along with Request.QueryString of encrypted strings. More specifically in combination with the ‘naughty’ “+” (plus) sign.

Unicode and UTF-8 Encoding 0

Unicode and UTF-8 Encoding

UTF-8 Encoding [Web Developers: Encoding problems with special characters? Unicode, UTF-8] Web Developers dealing with languages other than English often experience problems with ‘Special Characters’. Character encoding problems do not occur only¬†with other languages....