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architectural and interior design photography


An Architectural Photo Shoot will lead to diverse, refined, high-end results with a cohesive look & feel of the images, let’s call it the architectural magazine style with a strong branding message.

Post-processing: standard enhancement of images like perspective correction, color and WB correction is included in the base pricing but any ADVANCED post-processing or composites will be calculated as an extra line item in the estimate.

Time on-location to do the job right:
Lighting conditions are very important for architectural projects, interior and exterior. Full coverage of a project might require full day sessions or multiple visits to capture everything at its peak.
The photographer needs time to evaluate, modify, and optimize angles as needed for cohesiveness and story. Ideal Hero shots must be identified and finding the best framing of that particular scene will provide your creative department / designer perfect options to choose from.

Licensing: tailored licenses for your specific use could be more efficient than costly all-included licenses. Publishing, often getting editorial national coverage, is for an architect, ID, or builder more valuable than expensive advertising. If you intend to use images for publishing, please let us know that editorial use next to commercial use is desired.

Exterior projects are a quite diverse field, and it is difficult to cover all aspects or general pricing here: backyard landscaping, kids treehouses and playgrounds, golf courses, commercial and residential common areas, park and trail head design, patios, views, outdoor kitchens, pools, and so on. Lighting conditions are very important for exterior projects. Full coverage of a project might require full day sessions or multiple visits. AERIAL images and/or video often provide the best overview of the project.

Email us to get a free estimate! Please include a project brief in your inquiry.