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design work

We do design work for CORPORATE IDENTITY / DESIGN items (like logos), and also all sorts of PRINT material from brochures to posters, postcards, invitations, and more.

Did we mention design for online promo items like banners and so on? Sure, we do that as well.

We can help you with the creation of any design elements you need for your website, or helping you with file and format conversions like resizing, cropping, retouching.

Also, if you just want some advice or help with creative decisions and strategies, we do offer Visual Design Consulting and Training-on-demand — both on hourly basis.

WordPress web projects

We have built custom websites since the beginning of the commercial Internet in ca. 1996. From the first static HTML pages to highly dynamic, database-driven sites. From small business to enterprise-level environment.
We have also created visual content like photography and video elements for websites. We have upgraded sites to meet modern standards and follow trends. In short, we have seen it all.

Nowadays, with regard to building websites, we are focusing on WordPress which is the most used and popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. That is for several reasons: websites can be built fast, websites can cost less than ones that rely on more complex CMS’s. Same is valid for maintenance which is an important factor for businesses, because that can save lots of money. WordPress has Thousands of plug-ins that extend its functionality and which should handle most common requirements.

We also offer consulting and hands-on-help for companies who wish to get assistance with decisions, web strategies, planning, implementation, creation, or problems.

We work on an HOURLY BASIS / DAILY FEE BASIS or in many cases FIXED PRICE basis and help you out right where you need it.

Examples of tasks you can ask us about (charged on per-hour basis, daily basis, or if possible on per-task basis (fixed price)

  • Turn-key website creation: WordPress websites set-up, theme implementation; mobile-friendly
  • Help with hosting provider change; moving domains, email, etc.
  • Trouble-shooting issues with websites or content
  • file format help; conversions; resizing images
  • video implementation; video cutting / editing; conversion / optimization for YouTube / Vimeo
  • How to start… with YouTube and Video
  • Training on-demand
  • Advice, 2nd opinions, How-to’s
  • Project Management
  • Assisting in vendor selection
  • Compiling requirement lists for vendors
  • Explaining must-have’s, trends
  • Communication with vendors on your behalf: a liaison between the vendor and you
  • Monitoring project phases and results
  • Right-sizing projects
  • visual design consulting, how-to-present your message, ideas, visions…

… and more. Just get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help you.

Contact/Email us to get a quote ! Please provide a good description of your project.

portfolio and costs

Please read through our page approach, portfolio, costs which provides some insight into our work.